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It's been a very busy week this week, filled with performances, church services and even a play on the new Playground equipment!

The children rehearsed all week for their KS2 performance, which I'm sure you'll agree was really lovely.  The poem Linmere learnt was all about the true meaning of Christmas and they seemed to really embrace the message as we discussed the poem.  

Inspite of the rehearsals, performances and other interruptions, the children have still continued to learn about different types of conjunction - subordinating and coordinating (FANBOYS).  They have also begun to look in more detail at fractions.  They have worked hard even though there have been many distractions.


On Wednesday, we all went to St. Peter's church for the Crib Service.  This is one of my favourite times of year an it always feels like Christmas has begun when we attend this special service.  The children behaved tremendously and even helped to lead the service.  

May your weekend be filled with festive fun.

Mrs Carter


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