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We've had a fun week, we've dressed up and been learning how to write non-chronological reports

The children's favourite part of the week has obviously been the snow that fell briefly today, closely followed by the Sikhism Workshop and writing our Non-chronological reports about animals.  

On Wednesday, we were treated to a workshop that taught the children all about the Sikh religion, gave them an insight into the stories of the Gods that are worshipped, learnt about the 5 K's, the story of the Kings and about the Sikh symbol - which represents two curved swords with a circle to symbolise an everlasting bond.  The children were very enthusiastic about sharing their learning with me.  I know that they enjoyed this, especially dressing up in costumes to tell the story of the founder of Sikhism.



The children have also been finishing off their non-chronological reports about different animals.  I feel very knowledgeable about penguins, hippos, and many other animals that the children have been writing about.  They have had to describe appearance, diet, habitat and behaviour and have learnt to effectively use research notes to create informative and detailed reports.  

This week, i have asked the children for some book recommendations.  We will begin with Natasha's choice, which is Anne of green Gables.  She would like to recommend this book as she feels it is a classic, it is adventurous and that the female lead character could be a good role model for others, as long as they don't copy her temper!

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