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This week has been a really busy week, the children have been completing some beautiful art work for the library displays.

They have also watched some amazing music on Thursday afternoon and learnt how to use semi-colons, as well as learning how to multiply and divide decimals.

The maths that the children have been completing has been increasingly hard, but they are coping extremely well and facing up to the new challenges with enthusiasm and determination.

With time running out for the £5 challenge - monies will be collected in after half term - I wanted to share with you how well one member of class has done - Jacob has now raised over £400 by selling his knitted goods.  His hats, scarves, and head bands are delightful - well done indeed!

Next week, we will be continuing to look at decimals and percentages, we will be developing a deeper understanding of the use of inverted commas and how speech add depth to a narrative text.

Thank you for your continued support - have a good week.

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