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This week, we have been busy with our KS2 music evening and had a visit and talk about Cyber Safety from our new Community Police Officer.

We have continued to practise Reading comprehension SAT type questions and have learnt about key elements of how to answer Reading Questions.  We have learnt the importance of timing and have worked incredibly hard to push ourselves to focus on finishing sections within a set amount of time.  I have been very proud of the children's attitude during this.  We also talked about the importance of reading for pleasure and developing a greater understanding of words, and building our vocabulary knowledge.

In Maths, we have also been practising SATs style questions and learnt about the names and properties of different 2-D shapes.  The children now know that an Arrow head is a special kind of Quadrilateral that has an internal reflex angle.

On Wednesday evening, we had our KS2 music evening.  It was lovely to see how confident our children are and how well they performed in front of an audience.  Well done to all!

On Friday, we were visited by our new Community Police Officer, PC Sue.  She taught the children some important lessons about staying safe on line and how to react to situations that they can face on the internet.  The children listened with maturity and made great contributions.

Thank you for continued support and here's to a great final week of term.

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