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Linmere also got to experience some online Zoom lessons throughout this week. They had their Italian lesson with Mr Hunt about instructions and adverbs. They also took part in two national Zoom calls where they were linked with other schools across the country to take part in a Bug Hotel building tutorial and a Literacy session with Teaching Live. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed all three!  

This week Linmere have been carrying on with their non-chronological report about wolves! They are including their technical vocabulary and developing their use of complex sentences.  


In maths this week the class have been doing long division. Then they used their knowledge of all the operations to solve a variety of problems. 


To further help their report writing skills, the pupils have written non-chronological reports in science about the cardiovascular system. Their paragraphs have been fantastic and the accompanying  illustrations they have been able to produce to go alongside their work is amazing. 


Reminders for next week: 

  • School pictures will be on Monday afternoon 
  • Christmas jumpers will be required to be brought in as well during the week 
  • We will also be walking to Eddisbury Hill Fort on Thursday to help with the pupils Topic lesson 


This week’s blog post has been written by Miss Stanley, I am a PGCE student teacher from the University of Chester. My placement will be in Linmere until March 2021 and I am so excited to get to spend this time getting to work with the pupils of this class.  



Have a great weekend! 

Miss Prince :) 

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