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This week Linmere have spent some time reviewing all the amazing things we have been learning with Paul Main in our Augmented Reality Project.

The children have learnt to use some amazing APP's which will allow us to create some truly interactive multimedia creations.

In maths we have been working on co-ordinates using four quadrant grids to crack codes and locate symbols and in literacy we have used previous homework to help us structure a persuasive letter or balanced argument. On Tuesday we enjoyed an hour of hockey tuition developing our skills through basic drills and moving on to small team matches where the goal scoring was impressive. The afternoon also held a multitude of Greek delights when we explored Modern Greece through a talk, Greek dancing and food tasting! Yummy! The majority of the class went on an archaeology trip on Wednesday with Mrs Campbell. The archaeology club explored real Egyptian relics and learnt more about how archaeology gives us a real insight into how people used to live.

Here we are using Aurasma ,an augmented reality APP allowing us to use real life objects as a hyperlink to videos, websites and podcasts.

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