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It is our last week of the Spring term this week and we have been bringing all our topics to an end, ready to embark on some fantastic new topics after Easter.


This week we were lucky enough to work again with the artist Chris Gilbert but this time with we used pastels to create part of a whole school display reflecting what we value in our school.  We initially drew pencil sketches of the things which we believe make our school what it is and then used pastels to extend the sketches and key words.  The final piece is currently in development and we look forward to it making a real impression as visitors come through the door.

In maths we have been applying every thing we have learned about ratio and proportion .We had a fantastic afternoon making our very own Lava Lamps, using very carefully measured ratios of oil, water, food colouring and an Alka  seltzer  to get things bubbling!!

We also spent some time evaluating our topic   " Where Did It All Begin?" reflecting on all the new skills we have learnt and the huge array of facts we now know about the Ancient Greeks.

Finally in ICT we have been learning how to create our own Ebooks using an APP called Book Creator, the children are all enthusiastically writing and producing their first ever short story book.

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