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We hope you all had a great bank holiday weekend!

As ever, we have been busy working hard and having lots of fun! In our Topic work we have learnt about the history of the Olympic Games and have begun to make a 3D model of continents of the world. We are then going to create a timeline, mapping out the key events from the beginning of the Olympics to present day.


In literacy, we are continuing with our journalism unit and have had lots of fun (and laughter!) looking at how we can create an eye catching headline with the use of alliteration or a pun. We have then worked through a plan for writing our own article next week.

In maths, we have been learning about transforming shapes by either rotating, translating or reflecting them. To help us understand these tricky concepts we've been turning, sliding and flipping oversized shapes on grids on the school yard outside.

In science, we have continued to investigate the effect of exercise on our pulse rate and have put the data we measured into a graph using Numbers on the I pad. Next week, we will be evaluating what we have found and watching some of the presentations the children have made using Key Notes.

We have also enjoyed singing 'Jelly Fish' and 'It's a hard-knock Life ' with Mr Jones, swimming and dancing!

Next week, Year Five and Six will be sitting their SATs. All of the children have been working incredibly hard and we have no doubt they will all be fantastic.

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