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This week has been jam packed and despite the weather we have managed to cram in a huge range of things on top of our literacy and numeracy lessons.


The year five children have been focusing on number and have been ordering and rounding some very large decimal numbers. They have been using 'Factorpillars' to identify prime and square numbers.

The year six's are continuing with their projects to organise the year 6 celebration trip, tackling risk assessments and persuasive letters.

On Tuesday we worked alongside the fire service in an 'Escape to Safety workshop.' The highlight being the smoke tent. The children have been producing escape plans and bedtime routines for their homes.

Wednesday, the year 6 children went to Tarporley High school for a transition day, they took part in outdoor learning and had an amazing time in the science labs using the Bunsen burners. Whilst the year 6's were out the year 5's worked alongside Zhen our Chinese teaching assistant, learning how to write their names and phrases in Chinese characters. They look beautiful and the children are very proud of the work they have produced.

Thursday the weather was torrential, but we carried on regardless. Some of us went to plant up our competition garden at Arley Garden show and the rest took part in the second session of Let's Bike.

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