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After a great time at Conway last week , the year 6's had another fantastic transition day at Tarporley on Tuesday. They had great fun finding their way around the school with an orienteering themed morning.


In literacy, the children have been exploring different types of narrative texts and in particular have been looking how writers use openings for dramatic effects. We then looked at different techniques we could use in our writing to start our own stories. The children were very creative and wrote some very imaginative responses!

Also this week, the children have been writing their end of year self evaluations. By the time you have read this blog, you will have received you child's report which will have a copy of this for you to read.

In numeracy, the years 5's have been learning how to find the difference between a positive and negative number in the context of money. We have been looking at the concept of money that we have, money that we owe (debt) and money that we can borrow (overdrafts).

In our topic work, we have been looking at natural record breakers. We split the class into teams to research the fastest land animal, the highest mountain, the deepest cave etc and had to present their information in fact files. The children then had to turn this information into a learning tool for other children by recording themselves, in a 'David Attenborough' style using the ipads. We did this using the 'Aurasma Lite App', an app which allows you to use trigger images to prompt a video to play. Feel free to come in and watch them!

As written about previously in our blogs, the year 6's have been working on a project to present to the rest of the class describing what they would like to do for their leavers treat. Myself, Mrs Clayton and Mr Docking were extremely impressed by the effort and the skills displayed to produce some fantastic presentations. We had all sorts of ideas from water parks, laser quest, bowling to a canoeing trip over Manley Mere but the winning trip was a day at Alton Towers!!!

The children have continued to learn new skills in their cycling on Thursday afternoon and Miss Spence failed miserably at the 'Slow bicycle race'. (I warn you now, this may be appearing as a parents' race on Sports Day, so get practising!)

As always, we have a plethora of other things going on around the school at the same time. The singing with Mr Jones sounded fantastic on Wednesday morning; we had a rounders tournament on Thursday and a general knowledge quiz at Kelsall on Friday.

Just as a reminder, we have the Academy Open Morning on Saturday from 10am to 12pm and have the Church Fete on in the afternoon- all are welcome!

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