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Monday morning brought a sea of tired faces as the class slowly began to recover from our amazing residential.

It was a superb experience and we all learned a huge range of new skills. Not just how to steer and control our canoes but map reading, fire building , and tent pitching.

As the week continued we woke up to all the new things we had to look forward too.

In literacy we have been continuing to work our biographical recounts of Anne Frank. The children are thoroughly immersed in our topic and have been bringing in all sorts of memorabilia and books on the subject. As a back ground to display all this great work we have had a fantastic day working alongside Chris Gilbert. We produced two of Roy Lichtenstein's pop art images based on the second world war. Please feel free to pop into see the wonderful art work we now have on display in our class room.

In Numeracy we have been using and applying our understanding of decimals and place value . We have undertaken an Olympic inspired activity timing each other completing a variety of challenges outside the classroom.

The end of the week brings science and this week we have been getting wet and cold designing an investigation using lots of ice cubes . We are focusing melting and freezing points and the effect of a change in state on the molecules of water.


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