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This week we have been relearning all those ICT skills that may have faded over the holidays.

We have been using pages , keynotes and Iphoto. Getting to grips with safari and downloading to itunes.

We have final managed to publish our Anne Frank Biographical recounts, the children have been following their planning and been careful to include all the features that make a good biography.The end results look great and the children have inserted lots of photos of Anne and her family . The children have found Anne intriguing and have learned a lot about the plight of the Jews from her story. Next week we will be starting the next part of our topic which is explanations.

In numeracy we have been learning formal methods of addition, the children got very competitive in their addition bingo game and completed pages of questions in record time.We then applied what we had been learning to a real life situation and they went internet shopping in Tesco's ? The children chose a WWII recipe and calculated the cost of buying the correct amount of ingredients.

This week is also Harvest Festival and some of the children have been chosen to share some of their RE work during our Harvest Festival Assembly.

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