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In numeracy this week we have been tackling percentages . After a quick revision on multiply and dividing by 10, 100 and 10000 .

we went on to learn how to find percentages of amounts and how these have equivalent decimal and fractions.

Should mobile phones be allowed in schools? This is what we have been looking at this week in our literacy topic on balanced arguments. We discussed both sides of the argument and understood the benefits but also the possible negative impacts of bringing your phone to school.

As we have our class assembly at St Peter's Church we have been reflecting on our year so far, it was amazing the amount of trips and visits we have been on already !!

World Book Day began with an exciting assembly on the internationally acclaimed author Anthony Browne.

Anthony Browne's focus is picture books, with the principle being, that picture books are for everybody at any age, not books to be left behind as we grow older.

Linmere, particularly enjoyed the illustrations in the book 'Changes', interpreting the meaning in the story from the words and the pictures.

In addition to this, Linmere were asked to bring in a favourite book book to recommend to the rest of the class. It was fantastic to see such a buzz from the children as they shared their books with each other, read their books independently and to the rest of the class. The children each produced a beautiful book review on their chosen book.

The World Book Day Bookmark Competition is still open for those children who haven't completed their bookmarks or who still want to enter.

For more details see Mrs Price.

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