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As it has been Comic Relief day this week , we have been doing some thing funny for money and learning why we have been raising money and how it might be spent.


The Great Delamere Bake Off began rather Chaotically with a cookery demonstration with a twist. Mrs Clayton, Mr Huddart and Miss Spence , one blindfolded, the other unable to hear and use their hands and the third unable to speak or help out, it involved a lot of gesturing, missed bowls and a lot of mess!

All three of the KS2 classes where mixed into groups of three and four and where set the challenge of making their own cup cakes using just a simple recipe and no instructions.

Let the individual competition begin, each child was asked to decorate their cupcakes from Thursday and these were judged by Mrs Garner .

Harlem Shake, on Friday the whole school worked together with the help of Ms Baxter to create our own Red nosed version of the Harlem Shake.Hopefully our efforts will be available on You Tube.

Our Comic relief ended on Friday with Sports Fun and Games and our Red nose Bake sale , selling all our beautifully decorated cup cakes.

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