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Linmere's fairtrade focus

This week Linmere have had a themed approach to their work under the theme of Fairtrade. This is aimed at raising the issues of Fairtrade through various subjects whilst linking with our International Schools Theme. We have used our current literacy unit of debate and persuasion as a vehicle to open debates on Fairtrade and the issues that surround it for all invested parties. The children have produced some lovely scrap books showcasing their work and exploring the products and their journeys.

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Linmere – Our first blog

Another busy week for Linmere this week, it started with a visit from Cheshire Landscape Trust who came to plant some apple trees. The Green Team alongside Mrs Marlow planted nine trees to enhance our school grounds and encourage local wildlife and insect life.

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Linmere Blog

It has been a very busy week Linmere.

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