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Last week in Nunsmere!

The last week of the year is nearly over and although it is the last week it has still been very busy!! The children were fantastic in their performance on Tuesday and all should be extremely proud of themselves. They also enjoyed a day at The Walker Gallery in Liverpool on Wednesday, which was brilliant. The children learn a lot about different pieces of art, artists and  art movements. Then we explored the Gallery and drew some of the paintings..

I will really miss teaching this class.......

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Missing glue stick poetry, coordinates and world religions


The children have been looking at poetry and rhyme and have created their own poems about missing Pritt Sticks at Delamere! (as we all know they are like gold!)

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Another hot busy week!!

It has been another very hot and busy week. The children have been investigating rivers and the key features of a river. They then took notes on rivers from around the world and worked with a partner to create a fact sheet.

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Hot stuff!!

The children in Nunsmere have had a very hot and creative week.

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It has been a fun week!

This week has been extremely busy! We have had our visit to The Cheshire Show, Team Delamere staff( including myself) ran a 10k for Race for life, sports day and the summer fair.

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