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Did we have a holiday? It seems so long ago! The children have settled straight back into life in Nunsmere and have been working hard. Our new topic is 'Can we make the world a better place?', so the children have been brainstorming what that might mean and how we can make the world a better place.

They have  also been designing their topic book covers , which look great. In CARE, they went outside with Mrs Birks to look at our local environment and how we can care for our surroundings and if we didn't then what might happen.

In Literacy, the focus has been grammar and cracking comprehension. We have been looking at plurals and how apostrophes are used for possessive plurals and I am looking now to see how they use their knowledge in their independent writing. Our literacy topic is 'Information texts' and we will be researching features, and looking in depth at newspaper reports, non chronological reports and biographies.

In Maths, we have been focusing on problem solving and using prior knowledge to solve inverse pyramids and money problems. The children are also competing daily in the  'ultimate times table challenges' in class to complete the 144 questions in under 4-5 minutes!! So proud of how well they are all doing and how many of them can get 144 questions correct in under 5 minutes!! Keep practising!

In science, we have continued looking in more depth at food chains and food webs and ensuring the scientific terminology is used throughout. 


Have a lovely weekend

Miss Walker 

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