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It has been another very hot and busy week. The children have been investigating rivers and the key features of a river. They then took notes on rivers from around the world and worked with a partner to create a fact sheet.

In literacy, we have finished our newspaper articles based on aliens invading Delamere and focused on including all grammatical knowledge to ensure concise, complex sentences.

In maths, the children have finished exploring symmetry and symmetrical patterns and have been investigating the various properties and names of quadrilaterals (Rhombus, Trapezium and parallelograms etc) and triangles (Isosceles, scalene, equilateral and right angle). They have worked hard, well done!

In-between work, the children have had a visit from and author, the PIP disco, Abbey Gate choir concert and practises for the KS2 performance. Busy busy...


Have lovely weekend

Miss Walker

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