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We've packed lots into our four day week!

We've had a busy week in Nunsmere class!


In maths this week we have been focusing on perimeter, we have been finding the perimeter of squares and rectangles, using formulas such as 2x(l+w) to help us! We've also been drawing rectangles with different perimeters and calculating the cost of different fields and carpets using our knowledge of perimeter! 

In our literacy work we have been editing and redrafting our recount of our trip to York! Some impressive pieces of writing have been produced and we've enjoyed looking back on our trip to York.

We've also been learning about the plural s and the possessive s in our grammar work, being extremely careful with our use of apostrophe! 

In our science work we have been learning more about electricity and about ways electricity is generated. The children worked in groups to narrate a short clip on electricity, giving information on renewable and non-renewable sources of electricity and where they come from. 

Our CARE work has followed on from last week, re-reading 'Tusk Tusk' by David Mckee and discussing the ways the elephants acted towards each other. We have also moved on to discussing bullying and how 'banter' can also be classed as bullying if it upsets us. The children read different scenarios and completed role play work on how they should react to different situations. 


Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Inskip

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