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Nunsmere class enjoyed coming to school in their pyjamas on Wednesday for the owl house charity! 

A new half term means a new topic in maths, and this week we have begun our topic of geometry. The children have been focusing on different types of triangles this week and learning the difference between an equilateral, isosceles, right-angled and scalene triangles. We have also been doing lots of times tables practise. 

We have been focusing on inference in our comprehension work this week and have also started our topic of traditional tales in literacy. This week we have been practising our speaking and listening skills and performing traditional tales in groups to the rest of the class, focusing on our tone and intonation. 

Year 4 have been thinking about their wellbeing in CARE this week, and all completed surveys on how they are feeling at this point in the school year. 

Unfortunately we say goodbye to Reverend Elaine this week, so Nunsmere class have been working hard to write and practise their own verse that they have added to "this little light of mine" to sing in todays leaving service. 


Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Inskip

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