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I'm so proud of how hard the children have worked this week, well done Nunsmere! 

Here in the photos you can see the children working hard to create their own posters to present to the rest of the class. This week we have been learning about the amazing work of Dian Fossey and what her 'legacy' is. The children loved how she interacted with the gorillas and especially her favourite, Digit. 

The children produced some beautiful paired writing this week. The theme was around the volcano that had started to erupt. The children worked well to plan out all of their ideas onto a sheet and use the content we have been working hard on in class. I am loving that you're really enjoying this story :) 

In science, the children have been out exploring the school groups for invertebrates. They were able to find a range of invertebrates and had the opportunity to research their chosen invertebrate more back in class. 

In maths the children liked the place value 'Monsters Inc' problems. They worked hard to follow the word problems carefully. 

We have finished the week with a lovely Harvest collective worship. Thank you so much for your kind donations! 

Have a lovely weekend! 

Mr Huddart and Mrs Lloyd 

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