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Nunsmere had a great time in their Zoo Ranger workshop!

Within this workshop the children learned all about the different rainforests around the world and why they are being destroyed. Whilst we were discussing the rainforests, we looked at the use of cocoa and palm oil. The children learned about which companies are using sustainable palm oil, one of them not being Cadbury's. As part of the workshop the children also experienced hands on activities with skulls and feathers. They also got to smell Jaguar scent, I can confirm it was DISGUSTING! 

Here you can see the children working to solve maths puzzles. This week they needed to make each line calculate to the same amount. They noticed the importance of the corner numbers as they're used twice. I was so impressed with how much quicker they're becoming to solve these sort of problems, well done Nunsmere! 


Finally the children loved using the Macbooks to create posters for their work on plastic pollution. We have been discussing how we're becoming a plastic free school and the children were shocked about the extent of the problem. I was really proud of the way they retained the information and also shared so much of what they knew with the rest of the class. 

I hope you have had a nice weekend. 

Mr Huddart and Mrs Lloyd 

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