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Nunsmere have been exploring how we show love this week.

This was the focus of their class assembly, for which they all gave examples of how we can show people that we love them, whether it be through saying kind words, a hug or even giving gifts. They then challenged the whole school to give as much love out as possible! Some children even shared their poems all about love.

We've had a very poetry-themed week as it was also National Poetry Day on Thursday and the children had a great time working out a poem puzzle (a poem that has been cut up). They had to work together to see if they could piece it back together in the correct order using clues, such as rhyming couplets, to guide them. 

Our class reader is getting really good and everyone is loving listening to it at the end of each day. In the book our main character goes on a pomegranate treasure hunt. We have been fascinated with the way pomegranates look and we decided we should try some in class! There were definitely mixed feelings about the taste, but on a whole I think they were most enjoyed! 

We have been getting creative in science this week and the children were tasked with creating a triorama all about a habitat of a chosen animal that they had researched. The children all worked wonderfully in their pairs and the results look so fantastic! 

Wishing everybody a happy and restful weekend,

Miss Bate, Mrs Evans and Mrs Dodd











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