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Autumn Curriculum overview

Welcome to Nunsmere!


In literacy initially we will be working on the topic of Myths and Legends, where we will be exploring different mythical creatures and settings and then moving onto creating our own myths. We will also be looking at how to use both a dictionary and thesaurus properly to help enhance our writing. Linking to topic we will then try to create our very own dictionary to help us with our topic work. En 4/1.a/b/c/d / En4/3.3 / EN4/2.2a/b/c/d

In the second half term we will be looking at information texts- through this we will be creating our own newspaper reports and biographies looking at the Anglo Saxons and Vikings; linking this to our topic. We will also be looking at how we can determine what parts of information is useful and what is not. We will then look at using a thesaurus and a dictionary properly to enhance our writing skills. We will then learn how to write instructions accurately by learning how to paragraph and sequence appropriately. En 4/3.2/ 3.1 / En4/1.2a/b/c/d / En4/3.3 / En4/2.2a/b/c/d


In Numeracy the first half term we will be focusing on number skills. To begin with we will be looking at place value with then moving onto looking at addition and subtraction and multiplication and division.

We will be looking at numbers with up to four digits and will be comparing, ordering, recognisng digits, rounding and solving problems including these. Ma4/2.2a/b/c / Ma4/2.1 /Ma4/2.1e/f/h/i


In Science initially we will be using our knowledge and understanding of animals including humans learning all about the digestive system, teeth, food chains and animals. Sc4/2.2

Moving onto the second half term we will be looking at Electricity, by creating our own circuits. We will be learning about all about the different components in an electrical circuit and how to measure different parts of it. We will be carrying out investigations after planning them and we will also use tables to record and conclude our results. Sc4/4.2.


Our Autumn term topic is ‘How Did Britain Begn?’

The children will be learning all about the journey and invasion of the Anglo Saxons and Vikings into Britain and the effect that this created on lifestyle and Britain as we know it. The children will combine art/D&T skills throughout creating wood work pieces and paintings based on Saxons and Vikings. There will be a trip to explore the topic and we will be having an ‘Anglo Saxon/Viking day in school. Hi2/1.3 / Hi2/1.4 / Ge2/1.2/ 1.1 / Ar1.2 D&T2/1.1B / 2B/3B

We will be linking our topic to literacy using some skills we have learnt by creating our own newspaper reports, setting descriptions and dictionaries.


Mr Freeman will continue to teach PE on a Tuesday and Friday.

Swimming will take place on Thursdays – please ensure your child brings their kit each week.


Homework will be given out on Tuesday to be returned the following Monday; this will usually be one piece of maths and one piece of literacy. Spellings and timetables will be given out on a Tuesday and the test will take place on the following Friday.

My Maths will be set weekly on a Tuesday and must be completed by the following Monday. 

Please remember

 Reading books, reading dairies must be in school on a daily basis.

Homework books in on Monday so they can be marked ready for new homework to be handed out the following day.            

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask

Many thanks

Miss Walker



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