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Oakmere made woodland animals in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.

This week we have celebrated World Animal Day. Oakmere learned about local wildlife and their habitats, completing a shared read together as a class. We looked at Andy Goldsworthy style art work and in small groups made our school house animal in his style. 

On Wednesday we had a wonderful trip to Beeston Castle. We participated in two workshops, looking at the ruins of the castle, and learning about the roles of people in the castle and the food they ate. It was extremely windy at the top of the castle and we imagine it was cold when it was used as a home! Today we wrote about what we learned about the castle for our topic and literacy books. 

In phonics we have looked at the phonemes 'ow', 'oi', 'oo' (in book and moon). We practiced writing these words and using some of the words in sentences. At home can your child write some words with these phonemes?

Tomorrow is our Harvest Service, please drop any donations in the school hall.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Wood and Mr Ashworth

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