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This week Oakmere have continued to explore the school topic.

Oakmere handled beautiful pebbles that had been collected from a beach in Wales, exploring the wonderful colours and patterns nature created.  The children also got to experience some real and synthetic shells too.  They used their senses to explore and describe each pebble and shell with each other. A fact book about the Seashore brought lots of discussion to the carpet, telling them more information about these objects.

Oakmere have continued to study plants and today looked at a selection of seeds through magnifying glasses.  Next week we will plant some of them!

In Literacy we have been busy writing postcards about our holidays and have really started to stretch those sentences out with the use of the word 'and'. They also enjoyed a group task where they highlighted popular words on a selection of written postcards.  Great team work! Their phonics knowledge is growing more and more and they are recognising lots of spelling patterns in their reading and writing.

In numeracy Oakmere have been looking at o'clock and half past the hour and were so keen to read the times on the clock! They used little clocks on the carpet, wrote the time underneath clock faces and wrote numbers onto a blank clock face in a clockwise direction.  Fantastic work!

Thank you for another wonderful homework celebration this week, the children are really proud of their achievements and we love to watch them shine.

Please ensure children have their coats for school, the weather changes so often through the day.  Thank you. 

Wishing you a wonderful bank holiday weekend,

Mrs Birks and Mr Ashworth.

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