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The children in Oakmere have enjoyed learning about pyramids and using nets of 3d shapes to make their own Egyptian pyramid.

This week we have focused on writing and ordering numbers to 100, the children have filled in a 100 grid both with missing boxes and blank grids. They have then gone on to solve problems linked to the 100 grid. We then looked at counting in 2's and the patterns that are formed. Some children went on to look at the multiplication sum and how counting in 2's links to grouping/multiplication e.g. 1x2, 2x2 etc. This will help the children to solve problems linked to odd and even numbers next week and then we will look at counting in 5's and the patterns related.

In literacy we have continued to write our extended writing based on retelling the story 'The Egyptian Cinderella', the children have worked really hard and we have written a paragraph at a time to explain the story. I have assessed the children on how they implement their spelling, phonic and grammar knowledge into their writing.

In science we have been looking at sorting animals into their habitats and how to classify animals depending on what they look like and where they live.

The children also thoroughly enjoyed learning about pyramids and they made a 2d picture with facts to explain why the Egyptians used pyramids and a 3d pyramid using a 3d net. Well done Oakmere!

Please can all children have their green spelling books in on a Friday for the spelling test and their homework in on a Wednesday. Thank you

Miss Walker and Mr Ashworth

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