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Oakmere loved STEM week!

Oakmere put a different drink into three glasses; orange squash, soda water and water.  The raisins sank to the bottom in each glass, but then...... the raisins started to dance in the soda water!  The children were delighted to see the raisins hold onto the bubbles as they moved to the surface and popped, bringing the raisins back down again in the glass. Great work Oakmere!

We have been doing lots of phonics work this week, looking at sounds that look the same but can sound very different in words.  For example 'u'- umbrella and uniform. 

In Maths we have been focusing on our 2 times tables and understanding what the numbers and symbols mean.  For example 3x2=6.

We are so excited for our school trip this week! Please can children wear their PE kits, thank you.

We hope you had a lovely weekend,

Mrs Birks, Mrs Jones and Mr Ashworth.

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