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This week Oakmere have been sharing objects into equal amounts.

Oakmere loved using different objects to group into equal amounts.  They have used Lego, sorting bears, multilink, cars, even their healthy snack to group into sets!  The class are becoming more and more confident in division each day, please encourage your child to continue this at home.


Here the children are playing a shapes game on the MacBooks, identifying the properties of 3d shapes.  Here is the link should you wish your child to play at home https://www.mathgames.com/skill/1.5-count-edges-vertices-and-faces


In Literacy we have been looking at conjunctions, moving away from only using 'and' in our work and really stretching our sentences using other conjunctions such as because, so and but.  They thoroughly enjoyed sharing these sentences with their friends and will continue working on conjunctions in their writing. Another IT game they have enjoyed to support their literacy skills this week is Roy the Zebra.  The children helped Little Mo organise the words into alphabetical order https://www.roythezebra.com/reading-games/alphabetical-order-1.html

We play many phonics games each day, this game was about the 'v' sound; v and ve.  Each child had a sound on their tummy and the children changed partners to read the words.

We wish you a happy and restful Bank Holiday!

Mrs Birks, Mrs Jones and Mr Ashworth

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