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Oakmere talked about community this week in collective worship

First, we brainstormed what the community means to us all.  The children were very passionate to share how much they love and care for their friends, families and home and painted beautiful pictures ready to show in church and in school.  

Each child also read a line with a clear voice and a big smile on their face! They sang a song by Bruno Mars about friendship and caring for each other.  They sang beautifully!  Later that day, the other children in school really enjoyed joining in with this song too when Oakmere delivered their service to them!  We ended our service with a prayer for us all to think about the wonderful world around us. The children were fantastic and the Oakmere team couldn't be any more proud of them!

Oakmere welcomed a very special visitor this week, Richard the Storyteller.  The children were gripped from start to finish and haven't stopped reminiscing of all the fantastic moments in the story!  I was incredibly proud of their confidence, beautiful manners and fabulous ideas to use in the story! Well done Oakmere.

Mrs Birks, Mrs Jones, Mr Ashworth and Mrs Dodd

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