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Oakmere and Sandymere went to Jodrell Bank this week!

We set off all excited for a day filled with adventures!  As the coach pulled up at the entrance, the children gasped with excitement as they saw the size of the Lovell Telescope in the distance!  We were greeted by a friendly team who led us to our first workshop.  We made rockets and learnt lots of fun facts about the moon.  Mrs Jones was very impressed with how much the children had remembered from their topic lessons.

After the workshop, we were all ready for our lunch and the children sat beautifully as they enjoyed their packed lunches and retold all the fun things they had done that morning.  After lunch, we walked around the outdoor area and admired the Lovell Telescope up close and enjoyed using the whispering dishes to communicate with each other!  The park area had lots of hands on apparatus to enjoy.  The afternoon workshop was also fantastic and we thoroughly enjoyed building a container to protect an egg being dropped from a great height.  They did this activity as they had been learning about the robots that have been used on Mars and how they land on the planet without breaking.  Oakmere were fantastic at keeping the egg in one piece!  A big thank you to all the wonderful parent volunteers who came with us that day, we had the best time.  You will have all received your free child's ticket to visit Jodrell Bank again if you wish.

In RE, we talked about a special gift.  The children found a wrapped gift in the classroom and all guessed what could be inside.  We talked about special gifts we have received in the past, all the children said their family members were their special gift!  This led on beautifully to talk about how we are all special to someone and how special we are to God.  We acted out in pairs how we react when we open a gift and also how we feel when we give a gift to someone and see how happy and grateful they are to receive. 

We look forward to seeing you all at the Christmas Fair this afternoon, wishing you all a lovely weekend with your special gifts,

Mrs Birks, Mrs Jones, Mr Ashworth and Mrs Dodd

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