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Oakmere have continued with addition and subtraction this week.

The children are growing in confidence when they get challenged with bigger numbers in additions and subtractions.  They love using multilink as a tool to do this, it really helps them to understand the value of each number. 

In Literacy we have been writing about what we like to do at Christmas time.  If your child would like to write about their Christmas break for me to read after the holidays that would be lovely! 

When asking the children for a highlight of the term, most of them said it was when they went on a Bear Hunt at School and Mrs Dodd was the bear!  Here are a few pictures to enjoy!

Thank you for all your support this term, we have thoroughly enjoyed our time with the class and feel excited for Spring term!  It's been a poorly week for some of you, we send you lots of get well soon wishes and a Happy Christmas to you all.

Enjoy the rest over Christmas with friends and family. Thank you all so very much for your kind, thoughtful and generous gifts.

Best Wishes,

Mrs Birks, Mrs Jones, Mrs Ashworth and Mrs Dodd

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