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We have started to look at place value to 20 this week.

After working really hard to fully consolidate their understanding of place value to 10 and addition and subtraction to 10, Oakmere started to work with bigger numbers. This week, we have practised counting objects to 20, writing the numbers 11-20 in words and representing numbers with objects. This morning, the children did some practical maths. They were using lego bricks to estimate and measure the length of different objects around the classroom. 

In Literacy, the children have been creating story maps. At the start of the week the children created a story map to help them to retell one of Eliot's missions. Towards the end of the week, they created a story map to write their own story ending! I have been so impressed with the progress in the children's writing but most importantly with how much their confidence has grown with writing more independently. They should all be very proud of themselves. 

In science, we have been continuing with our topic on animals. We explored the difference between mammals and fish. The children had some fantastic prior knowledge and could confidently explain some features of both types of animals by the end of the lesson.

In topic today, we are going to be exploring what people in the Bronze Age might have worn. Although Mrs Carroll isn't with us physically, she is going to zoom in this afternoon to teach the children a weaving technique! 

TThank you to everyone who wore odd socks today to raise awareness for anti-bullying week!

This week, Miss Seery joined us in Oakmere. She is a student teacher from Chester University and will be joining us until June. The children have loved getting to know her.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Lewis, Mrs Carroll and Miss Seery.

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