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Oakmere class have spent the day at the Redstone Centre in Alsager where they took part in various activities led by the Centre's staff.

The children braved the cold to build a bug hotel, collecting soil and scavenging branches and materials from the ground to layer on top of each other to make the 'hotel'. Working together as a team, the children built an outdoor shelter selecting branches of all shapes and sizes and weaving them carefully to support the structure. The children soon discovered that by working together, they were able to pick up the larger branches which were much more impressive! I was extremely proud of the children working together through child initiated team work and we all enjoyed a little shelter from the cool breeze once it was finished! Moving down to the pond, the children looked at what was lurking beneath the water using fishing nets, magnifying glasses and pond life identification sheets. The children found several different species loitering in their nets and took great pleasure in decanting them into their tubs and announcing what they had found! The last outdoor activity was string orienteering. The children followed the string course around the centre, stopping to identify the different trees along the way before arrive back to camp. The children took the opportunity to do a spot of bark rubbing and compared the different marks the trees made. Back indoors, Oakmere and Hatchmere got stuck into some willow weaving. Learning how to soften the willow branches to make them easier to work with (and more like string), the children made individual crosses for Easter and set to making four different animal sculptures... can you guess what these might be?

Oakmere have had an exciting week, they have worked on adding more than two numbers in numeracy, started to write the opening to their own fantasy story in Literacy, have looked at water and how to save it during topic, and have even made their own jelly in Little Chefs looking at ways to make food healthier.

Last Friday Oakmere donned their old clothes for a day of art. Working with clay artist, Spencer Hollands, the children set to work making two tiles out of clay. Looking at flora and fauna throughout the day, the children came up with their own designs for the tiles, including butterflies, insects on leaves, snakes, lizards and much more! Rolling and modelling the clay with their hands, the children also used the various tools Spencer kindly brought with him to create different patterns in the clay which looked very effective. Back in the classroom, the children drew some charcoal sketches of dragonflies, working on adding fine detail and using blending techniques. I was very impressed with how well the children worked with the charcoal, using light strokes on the page and avoiding the inevitable smudges! In addition to this the children did some leaf rubbing creating different patterns on the page, drew some snowdrops and went on a hunt for flora around the school grounds. Photographing the different flowers using ipads, the children then worked on the images making changes to their appearance and produced some spectacular pictures. Once printed, the children were then able to compare the pictures with their own sketches of flora. Pop in to have a look at the children's art work which is now on display.

Don't forget, Friday is Comic Relief day so own clothes (red if possible) and red noses at the ready!

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