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The School is exceptionally well equipped with Apple Mac technology, including iMacs, iPods and iPads that support and enrich learning in all classes.We take great pride in making sure that the children have the best possible access to ICT as part of their learning, and use interactive global technology safely to ensure that they maximize what they do within lessons. We are continually looking to use a variety of computer programs to supplement the diverse nature of the curriculum.

We are very proud of our developing use of APPs and we have even created a few of our own! It is vital in this fast-paced, changing field that our children develop skills that make them more effective learners. Our approaches to integrating ICT do this and set us far apart from many other Primary schools.

As a school, we value the importance of providing opportunities for children to learn outside of school and will continue to try to provide these as we fully recognise that online learning is playing an increasing role within everyday life. We will ensure that both staff and children are kept fully aware of risks and issues that may arise and ways in which to minimise these risks.

We will use Twitter to post information, updates and blog posts; these will stream directly to our school website. We will also use class pages on primary blogger to share some examples of children’s learning and to communicate with others. Children will never have access to passwords and we will ensure that we block any followers that appear inappropriate. No-one is able to post on the website or write a comment without it being approved by a teacher to ensure that the children are not subjected to any inappropriate comments.

Online learning includes, but is not limited to:


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