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An amazing Pilgrim Trip for Pickmere!

Pickmere class had a fantastic trip to Chester Cathedral on Wednesday for a Pilgrim day. 

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Pickmere’s Collective Worship


This week Pickmere took part in a lovely collective worship on Forgiveness!


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Another Busy Week For Pickmere!


As you can see, Pickmere are loving their class read - Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief!

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Harvest Collective Worship for Pickmere



Pickmere took part in a lovely Harvest Collective Worship today.

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Another fantastic week for Pickmere!


Children are gradually unearthing the mysteries that lay within the ancient camera that was found washed up on a beautiful, golden beach in our literacy story ‘Flotsam’. The exposed camera film revealed a beautiful sea turtle with majestic, pointy shells on its back! This week children have started to plan their non-chronological reports, which link into our literacy story, Flotsam.  

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