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This week in numeracy, we have been working with different strategies to help us estimate and check calculations.

This included rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 and has linked this to real life situations, for example estimating how much a weekly shop would be. We have continued to look at place value and have learnt how to inverse operations to check our answers.

In literacy we have been exploring different types of adverbs and have been finding strategies to improve our instructions and writing techniques.

In our Topic work we have been working with Chris Gilbert, the 'Art and Soul Man' to produce fantastic Lichtenstein inspired piece of Art. We explored the key artistic styles of Lichtenstein and explored different images associated with War and Peace. Our huge 'War' and 'Peace' artwork is displayed on the wall in the classroom, you can't miss it!

In science, we are continuing with our Healthy Living unit and have through drama learnt about Scurvy and have explored how a scientific idea can be tested and the evidence is then used to support the idea. We have learnt about the effects of the disease and how fair testing was used by James Lind to find out what caused scurvy. The focus of this has been the importance of having a healthy balanced diet.

Lastly, huge congratulations to those children that were chosen as our 'Stars of the week' and a massive well done to the children who all took part in the 'Christmas Carol' workshops on Thursday. It takes a huge amount of courage and confidence to audition and all of them sang, danced and acted beautifully. Miss Spence was very proud!

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