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What a week! The children have been so busy this week, they have not had the opportunity to write the blog, so I'm sorry folks...you're stuck with Miss Spence writing it for this week!


Parents Evening

Firstly, thank you to all parents, family and carers who attended our parents evening on both Wednesday and Thursday (I was impressed I managed to stay on time!).

I find the evenings just as beneficial as a teacher as I'm sure parents do and I love having the opportunity to catch up with you all. I was very proud of the children's progress so far in Pickmere and I am thankful by the overwhelming amount of support I get from all parents.

Although we have three parents' evenings throughout the year, please always feel you can come and chat to me if there is anything you wish to discuss. I am most definitely a teacher that would like address any issue straight away, should something concern or worry either your child or yourself. With the exception of Thursdays (Drama Club) I'm nearly always in school until at least 5:30/6pm either in my classroom or in the staff room. Please do not feel you have to wait to a parents evening if you have something niggling in the back of your mind. I don't bite honestly!

In Pickmere this week

As our unit is about Shape and measures in numeracy, we have continued to practically explore measuring capacity and length. We have extending this into using metric units of measurement to convert and problem solve and next week we will be looking into reading scales and understanding mass. We will be able to put our skills to the test next week when we have our 'Great Delamere Bake off' in aid of Comic Relief.

In literacy, all my planning when out the window as we learnt about persuasive language and writing for a specific audience. I heard a slight sigh across (mainly the boys) the class when I announced we were going to 'dreaded writing!' So I told the kids what I wanted to teach them and let the children tell me (Persuade me...) how they would like to go about learning it. The children decided that they would like to sell their own product and make an advert using imovie on the ipads. So I set them off creating a written (I'm sneaky like that....) advert aimed at someone their own age.

World Book Day
On Thursday, we had world book day and learnt about the author and illustrator Anthony Browne. We learnt about his work, examined his illustrations and appreciated that even though it was a 'picture book' how it appealed to all ages. We read through 'The Tunnel' (Performed by Miss Spence in the only way she knows how.....) and wrote a book review in response. We then used water colours to paint our own illustration inspired by the book and wrote our own story stimulated by the picture we had created.

In our topic, we have continued to work on our own charities. The children have been split into their own groups with the task to raise money or do something positive for their chosen cause ( For example, some children are selling cakes, some are organising a litter pick around school, others are going round switching off any lights or plugs that aren't being used to save electricity). As Blue Peter Green badges are awarded for sending in letters and pictures that are about the environment, conservation or nature, we will record our positive impact, write in and see what happens!

In science, we have started a new unit in changing sounds. We explored how sound is made, how we hear it and in particular looked at pitch and sound waves. I demonstrated to the children how you can create a simple song using bottles and water and I have asked the children to bring in as many bottles as possible for next week. In teams they will have to measure out the correct amount of water to create the correct note to play a familiar tune and as a class with then have to guess 'What's that tune?'


Looking into next week....


  • Please can I have all bottles in for our science experiment.

Comic Relief- Thurs/ Friday antics:

Remember it is Comic Relief on Friday and in preparation for this we will be baking cakes on the Thursday 14th ready to decorate and sell on Friday.


Key Points:


  • The Great Delamere Bake off! Any help with equipment will be gratefully received; this includes bowls, scales, wooden spoons and muffin tins. Please make sure anything you bring into school is labelled as things appear to grow legs and go walkabouts.


  • It is non- school uniform day on Friday (15th), however children are requested to dress in red.
  • It will be £1 to enter (All goes to Comic Relief)
  • We will be selling the cakes (at pick up) so children may need a small amount of money... and any hungry parents are more than welcome to tuck in and buy!
  • Children are encouraged to bring in any decorations they would like to decorate their cakes with (They will be about the size of cupcakes).
  • The children will need their PE kits as we will be doing fun and games in the afternoon.

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