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Pickmere had the best time in Liverpool learning how to swim safely in open water! 

On Tuesday Pickmere were lucky enough to head over to Liverpool for a brilliant time in the open water. They were taught a range of skills in order to save themselves and others in the open water. The children enjoyed wearing their wet suits and hats (which they got to keep!). I was so impressed with how all of the children approached this activity, even with the odd jelly fish in the water! Thank you for the parental support on this trip :) 

In maths this week we have continued our work on place value, working with numbers past 1,000,000. This time we have really focused on ordering and comparing numbers, using the greater than < and less than > symbols. Here they are outside collecting a range of numbers in a treasure hunt, they had to come back to class and try and arrange the numbers in the correct order. We have also looked at expanding numbers, which they performed well in. 

In topic this week we were treated to a wonderful history masterclass as always from Mrs Campbell! Looking at the Ancient Egyptians, the children had an outline of the life and times so many years ago. They learned about the chronology, pharaohs, gods, mummies and much more! 

Have a brilliant weekend! 

Mr Huddart        Mrs Campbell 

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