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This week the children in Pickmere have been learning how to write hieroglyphics! 

The children in Pickmere have been learning all about the origins of hieroglyphics and how the Ancient Egyptians used this as their was of communicating and recalling their events in history. They also learned about the importance of the Rosetta stone and how this shaped the way we translate Egyptian hieroglyphs today. Here you can see the children creating their own bookmarks on papyrus. 

In maths this week the children have been using the column method to solve problems involving addition and subtraction. Here you can see the children were learning about the fun 'Flugtag' event. They were asked to design their own flying plane and decide what parts they would need to build it. Each item they required and they had to keep in budget. Using the column method they were able to calculate their costings. 

It is not often I go into the singing sessions with Mr Hartwell-Jones so it was lovely to see all of the children singing this week. They all sang beautifully together and 'Happy' was definitely their favourite song of choice! 

I hope you all have a wonderful half term and enjoy the well earned rest! You have been a pleasure this half term Pickmere! 

Mr Huddart      Mrs Campbell 

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