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This week Pickmere have had a lot of fun out and about taking advantage of the weather!

In Maths Pickmere have taken part in an angle treasure hunt! The class first looked at maps with certain locations marked with an X and measured, drew and labeled the angles which they created. They then went outside to find the bowls filled with different angle questions which led them to find the treasure. Pickmere have also been getting outside using their mental maths knowledge trying to find and answer questions hidden around the field. 

In Literacy we have been continuing with our book "The Lost Happy Endings" and have almost completed it. The children have been writing diary extracts from the main characters point of view and also predicting the end of the text with some imaginative and creative results.

In computing we have been working on our quizzes and exploring the topic of Cyberbullying. The children have created posters highlighting the ways we can keep ourselves safe online.

Have a lovely week off.

Mr Huddart, Mrs Campbell and Mr Hunt

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