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Pickmere created a beautiful leaving poem for Reverend Elaine. I was incredible proud of them all. 

Thank you for teaching us what is right and wrong and caring for our school.

Happy, helpful and respect. That is what you have brought here. We will miss you very much!

A whole hearted goodbye as you leave. Delamere will never forget you.

Now you’re leaving, know you will never be forgotten.

Kindness, happiness and care are what you have shown me.  


You’re the best reverend the school has ever seen and good luck with your retirement.

Opening our eyes to the amazing parables in the bible is what you have done.

Understanding Christianity is what you do best and you have taught us all about it.


Reverend Elaine, you have served our school so well. I hope you enjoy your retirement, which you so greatly deserve.

Everyone will miss you now you’re retiring. Delamere respects you in every way.

Very enjoyable services are all thanks to you. We will all miss you a lot.

Enchanting collective worships we have seen over the years.

Respect, love and guidance are what you have taught us. You will always be in our hearts.

Every Easter service you have taught us will not be forgotten.

Now that your time has Reverend has ended, Delamere would like to thank you for your time. We hope you won’t forget us.

Dear Reverend Elaine, thank you for our wonderful services and showing us how to be a good Christian.


Everyone will miss you, especially me. You taught us so much about Christianity.

Love in kindness is who you are. You taught everyone to respect others and to look up at God.

All of your amazing services will be remembered in the wonderful church and school for many years to come.

I know that we will miss you very much.

Now that you’re unfortunately retiring, we shall always miss you and remember you. For years and years to come.

Everywhere where you go, you bring happiness and joy to our hearts. Reverend Elaine.

Pickmere had the best time acting out a variety of parables from the Bible! The pyjamas were for charity fundraising day I must stress, they were not part of the parables! 

On Tuesday, we welcomed Author - Simon Adeptun - to school.  He delivered many workshops to the children. Pickmere enjoyed learning about how writing takes place.  They learnt what it takes to get a book published and that you should never give up on your dreams.

Hope you had a lovely weekend! 

Mr Huddart, Mrs Campbell and Mr Hunt. 

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