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Pickmere took part in a lovely Harvest Collective Worship today.

 Throughout the week, we have been busy preparing for the Harvest Collective Worship in RE. Pickmere had the opportunity to share some of their beautiful harvest acrostic poems with the rest of school during the Harvest Collective Worship. 

This week, in literacy, we have been focussing on our non-chronological reports. Pickmere have learnt so many facts about Sea Turtles and their final reports look AMAZING!

In maths, we have been looking at Roman Numerals, and children have mastered how to write numbers up to 10,000! They have been using their knowledge of Roman Numerals to crack codes and some children have even had a go at writing their own secret messages.



We have had lots of fun in science too! Children have been busy discovering materials that dissolve in water and form a solution. Pickmere have been really enthusiastic about our topic so far.

This week, in topic,  children have completed fact files on either David Attenborough or Florence Nightingale. For those that have completed their topic-based piece of homework, it has been great so learn more about the many inspirational role models that inspire the class. Many of these have linked with the children’s hobbies and it has been great for me to learn more about the children’s interests outside of school.


Enjoy your weekend


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