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Pickmere had the best time at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester! 


 Whilst at the museum, we got to explore all of the different areas the museum had to offer. This included looking at the aeroplanes on display, visiting the textiles area and much to the children’s delight, the science experiment floor! The children had a brilliant time on this floor, taking part in lots of hands-on activities. Whilst we were there, we were also fortunate enough to experience a workshop based upon the sun and the solar system. Children’s behaviour was exemplary all day, especially when sharing the lunch hall with another school. Pickmere should be very proud of themselves. 

In literacy, we have finished our Nelson Mandela autobiographies. Children have worked really hard to ensure they use the correct tenses and pronouns throughout. Mrs Law, Mrs Evans and I have been really impressed with how engaged the full class have been during our Mandela literacy work. We were even treated to a continuous loop of children singing, the 1984 hit, ‘Release Mandela’ – all the way to Manchester! In reading comprehension, children have had a brief look at Martin Luther King Jr.

We are continuing to challenge ourselves in maths. We have moved on to division this week and will have lots more practise over the weeks to come. Next week, ‘Explore Learning’ will be coming into year 5 to lead a maths-based workshop.


We hope you have a lovely end to your week and enjoy your weekend

Miss Wild, Mrs Law and Mrs Evans

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