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On Wednesday, Pickmere took part in an Islam workshop with Imran.


This term, Pickmere are continuing to learn about Islam. So far, they have particularly enjoyed discovering the many similarities that Islam shares with Christianity. During their workshop with Imran, they particularly enjoyed looking at the prophet’s names written in Arabic in the Qur’an and comparing these to the prophet’s names in the Bible. Imran was really impressed with Pickmere’s knowledge of The Five Pillars and their routines at prayer time.



We have spent some time this week going through maths reasoning tests which were completed before half term. It has been beneficial for children to see how far they have come along this year already! Through doing these tests during assessment week, it enables us to fill in the missing gaps in your children’s learning and build upon what they already know. As we are due to progress onto our new maths topic, statistics, it has been particularly useful to see what children are already capable of. Teaching is planned to build upon this pre-existing knowledge. 


In literacy we are primarily focusing on grammar at present. We will spend a few weeks focussing on key terminology and consolidating what we have learnt so far in year 5. This week we have looked at the following; the differences between subordinate and relative clauses; and the difference between direct and indirect (reported) speech. Shortly, children will have the opportunity to independently put this grammar into practise by writing a persuasive piece of writing based on ‘a holiday to South Africa’.  


On Wednesday afternoon, we closed our science space topic by recalling all we had learnt. Children have really enjoyed learning all about our solar system. Have you tried asking them what heliocentric and geocentric mean? Next week, we will begin our new science topic – Living things. We will be looking at life cycles of animals and plants. Towards the end of March, we have an exciting farm trip planned to coincide with this learning. During half term, I visited the Weaver Dairy House Farm and can’t wait to take the children to meet the lambs and piglets (they are due 12 days before we visit!). Whilst at the farm, children will be up close with the animals and will be looking after them for the day. An Eezee trip message has gone out this week about this trip, please can I stress that all children will need waterproofs and wellies as their footwear needs to be hosed down when transitioning from different pens to prevent any cross-contamination for the newly born lambs and piglets. 


It has been lovely to hear all about the adventures that the children have had during the recent holidays. It sounds like everyone has had a very active, but fun, half term!


Enjoy your weekend


Miss Wild

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