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Pickmere thoroughly enjoyed cooking a traditional South African dessert this week – Hertzoggies.


Hertzoggies consist of three key layers – shortcrust pastry, apricot jam and coconut meringues! Children had great fun working in small groups of six. They were very precise in following every step of the recipe. I think a particular highlight for the children was holding the meringue mixtures over each other’s head to check that they were stiff enough – thankfully this all ended well! All children were brilliant and sampled our cooking delights. 22 out of 24 children gave the South African desert a thumbs up.



March is home to a very special festival in the Hindu religion – Holi Day. We discussed the importance of this religious festival for Hindus and looked at how they would traditionally celebrate the festival in India. Pickmere loved the idea of throwing lots of paint around! Individually, children created a colourful painting that surrounded a silhouette of the Taj Mahal.


In Literacy we have continued with extending our grammar knowledge and we have primarily focused on areas that children struggled with during the most recent assessment week. Children have revisited the questions they were initially unsure off and have surprised themselves with how many they can now answer. Next week, children will begin to write a persuasive text relating to why South Africa would be a great choice of holiday destination. 


In Maths, we have been looking at reading various line graphs. As the week has progressed, the graphs have become more complex. Children’s ability to pick these up quickly has been fantastic. Some children even had the opportunity to work out how much it would cost to look after a Cocker Spaniel for 14 years! Needless to say, they now understand what their parents mean when they say “No, they cost too much money!”


As much as world book day seems a long time ago, it is great that children are still discussing the Guggenheim Mystery. They can’t wait to get to the end of the book and find out whether their predictions were correct!


Bikeability is due to take place Monday – Wednesday next week. Please can you ensure that your child’s bike has been checked against the document that previously came home. All children need to also remember to bring cycling helmets and waterproof jackets. On Friday, any last-minute information will be sent via eezee trip. In the meantime, if you have any questions please do ask.


Hope you have a fabulous end to another busy week. 


Miss Wild


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