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This week Pickmere have been busy constructing prehistoric timelines - both inside and outside of the classroom.


During our literacy lessons this week we have had a big focus on grammar. We have looked at fronted adverbials and homophones. The homophones that we have looked at have been: 

  • ·       Where / wear / were / we’re
  • ·       Too / two / to
  • ·       Their / there / they’re

We have been blown away by how well the children have worked on these. 

In maths we have dived further into our place value topic. We have had a go at reading, writing, ordering and comparing large numbers. The children have a fantastic baseline level of understanding and we are looking forward to building on this over the forthcoming weeks.  

In the afternoons we have focused on science, topic, RE and CARE. This term in science we are learning all about our solar system. Children have produced some wonderful illustrative work based on the planets and this has been accompanied by lots of scientific based facts. During our topic lessons, children have been looking at the prehistoric chronological timeline. 

In RE, we have been looking at the school’s core values, and we have discussed the importance of the school prayer. We have had many discussions regarding how we can promote peace and respect within the school community. Next week we will look at how we can promote love and care in and around school. In CARE, we have continued to discuss our class rules and how we can be ‘the best versions of ourselves.’ The children are VERY excited to apply for their class jobs next week!  

This year we are having a big focus on handwriting. The children enjoyed their first year 5 handwriting lesson and we have already started to see some small improvements!

On Monday, we are planning on taking the children up to the bushcraft area. They will already be in their PE kits, however, I would advise for children to wear an older pair of trainers on Monday – just incase it is a little muddy. 

We have been really impressed with how well the children have settled into year 5. After so long away from school they really have just taken everything into their stride. Next week we will be completing our year 4 assessment week which was missed due to school closure. This will give us a better understanding of the children’s progress year to date and where they are at after nearly 5 months of being away from school. We will use the data collected from the assessments to help inform the next stages of teaching. 

We hope you have a lovely and restful weekend full of laughter and happy times,

Miss Wild and Mr Ashworth

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