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Pickmere have returned to school revitalised and full of energy following their fortnight away from the school!

As soon as the class returned, they let off some steam on their trumpets, delighting everyone in the school (and surrounding houses) with their fabulous musical skills.

Back in the classroom, we were incredibly impressed by how much research the children had done into Stonehenge, which they made into their own non-chronological reports full of amazing facts and figures. For instance, do you know how many types of rock there are at Stonehenge? How the stones were moved there? Or what Stonehenge was actually for? Ask a Pickmere pupil and they’ll give you a detailed answer.

In other news, the class have impressed us so much with their creative writing skills. By simply looking at this picture, the children let their imaginations run wild about what happens next. Each child is working on their own, dramatic story. Some feature polar bears, snowstorms, and even avalanches! …All whilst incorporating the key aspects of their year 5 grammar and vocabulary.

In maths the class embraced the weather, wrapped up and worked on their multiplication skills out in the play area, figuring out the answers to problems such as how much food the chickens eat, how much it would cost to make park benches, and how much it would cost to buy even more play equipment. It was a great opportunity to perform high-level calculations… all whilst hanging upside down on a tyre.

It was also brilliant to see the children jump on the minibus and return to the swimming pool this week. Such a privilege given the current circumstances.

Pickmere also welcomed Mr Taylor into the class, who is an Associate Teacher from Chester University. He’s been made to feel really welcome by the children.

As ever, the children have impressed us with their knowledge, enthusiasm, and dedication to every lesson, and their support for each other. We hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Miss Wild, Mr Taylor and Mr Ashworth




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