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 Pickmere loved learning about how early humans melted metal in order to manipulate it into tools and other useful objects.

This week the children were all treated to a wonderful workshop with a local historian, called Ed. Ed brought in a forge and showed us how metal can be melted, manipulated and cooled. The children were amazed at how one minute they couldn’t bend the piece of Iron, yet the next minute it was being poured from a spoon!


Ed came back to visit us the next day and we discussed how the early humans first discovered fire. Did you know that archaeologists believe that it all stemmed from a bit of bad weather and lightning! Ed had an old rickety machine which demonstrated how heat can be transformed into electricity. The children took it in turns to stand on the rubber mat and touch the static ball. We had hair rising in all different directions as the static energy took control! The children were highly amused by Miss Wild’s hair, which seemed to go the frizziest (thanks Ed!).



The lead up to Christmas is always a busy time in schools. This week we have also learnt how to create an electrical circuit. Children were thrilled when they managed to get their switch to turn their 3mm LED light on and off. These circuit boards have been transformed into a ‘product’ which is due to be bought home tomorrow (providing we manage to finish them all).


In literacy, we have continued to draft our setting descriptions based on the image in last week’s blog. Today we have edited and improved them, and they are now ready to write in neat at the beginning of next week.


In RE, we have created our own illustrated copy of the Advent Story and in Science we learnt about gears, pulleys and levers. We have even managed to squeeze some time in to learn how to sing ‘Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer’ in Italian!


Tomorrow is Christmas Jumper and Christmas Dinner Day! We can’t wait to get into the festive spirit a little more with the children. We shall take some time out to make Christmas cards for some of the elderly and vulnerable within our local community and hopefully we shall also get chance to finish our DT (LED Light) project! Providing all of our work gets completed, we may even treat the children to a Christmas Movie after lunch!


Have a wonderful end to your week and a, somewhat, restful weekend. One week to go until the end of term!


Miss Wild, Mr Taylor and Mr Ashworth


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