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 We have been amazed by how children (and parents!) have tackled this week’s reading challenge!


As you can see by all of the photos attached, we have had a range of brilliant responses. This week children have been spotted reading in trees, in fridges, balanced on top of snowmen and even climbing the walls…. literally! Well done ‘Team Pickmere’.

Children have been thriving within their remote literacy lessons this week. We have been exploring the booked called FArTHER, written by Grahame Baker Smith. I have had some very interesting and lovely email conversations with the author of the book since emailing some of our pupils work over to him. He has been astounded by the levels of writing that our Pickmere pupils have demonstrated. Well done all!

In maths we have continued working on our fractions knowledge and understanding. The children seem to be doing well with this tricky topic. We shall continue to develop their confidence as time progresses.


We have had a very successful week in terms of our remote learning sessions via Zoom. Yet again we have had almost 100% attendance for all sessions! This is absolutely fantastic. We have been really impressed with everyone’s attitude and dedication to their learning during these difficult times. We know these times are not easy by any means, but please can we take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has been involved in supporting our Pickmere learners these past couple of weeks. Your help does not go unnoticed and we really do appreciate all you are trying to do to keep the children motivated, on task and smiling. We do not underestimate how tricky this may be at times.


Thankfully it is now the weekend and most of us can hopefully leave our computer screens behind for a few days. I know I am certainly looking forward to getting some fresh air before returning to the screen on Monday. I hope you all have the opportunity to do the same.


Take care, stay safe and see you Monday,


Miss Wild, Mr Ashworth and Mr Taylor





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